AMIGOS Latin American Youth Fund

AMIGOS needs to raise significant funds over the next few years to achieve our vision for the future of Latin American Youth Involvement.

In 2010, to honor our former President Emily Untermeyer’s legacy, we established a fund to create meaningful opportunities for Latin American youth involvement in AMIGOS programs.  The fund will cover critical costs, related to the recruitment, training, and support of Latin American participants. AMIGOS received lead gift commitments totaling $100,000 to support this fund! 

Why AMIGOS involves Latin American youth

Over the past several years, AMIGOS has increasingly included Latin American youth into our training and community service programs. Our host communities, partner agencies and AMIGOS Volunteers have responded very positively to these initiatives and have encouraged us to expand our efforts. We are passionate about this initiative because we feel that it will:

  • Create global leaders
  • Increase the sustainability of our projects 
  • Transform AMIGOS to provide a unique opportunity for youth across the Americas

How AMIGOS involves Latin American youth

AMIGOS activates young people. Over the past decade AMIGOS has been working to open its model to youth from across the Americas, both at the community level and within the Volunteer leadership ladder. This process has redefined our approach to working with communities, as our Volunteers are trained to never work alone.


  • Local Volunteers: participate in training and briefing sessions and volunteer to serve alongside AMIGOS Volunteers in their own communities. 
  • National Volunteers: train and participate in their home country, but in a different community.  These youth complete training requirements and attend briefing and debriefing sessions.
  • International Volunteers: train and participate as a Volunteer with AMIGOS in another country.  These youth complete training requirements and attend briefing and debriefing sessions.
  • Project Staff: are former National or International Volunteers and participate in Project Staff training sessions.

Strategic Vision for Latin American Youth

Latin American youth involvement has become a strategic priority area for AMIGOS, as it provides an opportunity to touch more lives throughout the Americas and grow sustainably as an organization, while distinguishing us from other non-profit organizations.


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